Available Free Downloads

zatk_GoogleMaps is a .NET WinForms User Control that makes it easy to add Google Maps to your WinForms applications.

Click on this link to download a zip file containing a fully functional zatk_GoogleMaps.dll

Just add a reference to the zatk_GoogleMaps.dll assembley in your .NET WinForms application and you will be able to easily add Google Maps to your WinForms applications. Provides full functionality so that you can try before you buy!


Extensive HTML CHM Help file. Describes the Object Hierarchy, and provides Tutorials and sample code that can be pasted directly into Visual Studio. You can view this Help File without downloading by clicking on the OnLine Help Button at the top of the screen.


Zipped file containing the zatk_GoogleMaps.dll and Tutorials.exe. Unzip these two files and place them in any folder. Run Tutorials.exe to run the 15 tutorials. This executable targets the 2.0 Framework.


zatk_GoogleMaps.dll - not zipped.